Ordinary people taking extraordinary "steps" to fight cancer

Team Endure raises funds for the Oregon Cancer Foundation, a charity providing support to those undergoing cancer treatment in the Eugene, Oregon area. As a team, we unite people of all different fitness levels to train for endurance events and achieve individual physical goals we hadn't dreamed possible. Demostrating that the toughest of challenges can be conquered by working together, our training is symbolic of the determination and support patients need during cancer treatment.

Team Endure, established in 2014, has raised over $44,000 for the Oregon Cancer Foundation.

We are passionate about this cause because it affects so many so profoundly. Nearly everyone knows someone who is battling or has battled cancer. It means a lot to us to be able to help our family, friends, and neighbors during such a difficult time. Many patients experience severe financial hardship because they can no longer work due to their treatments. Our efforts help support those patients and their families financially.

Anyone can do this!

We have worked with many beginners, trained them for their first endurance event and helped them complete it. We have athletes who have been with us for years and have continued to push themselves to train and compete. We've also had new members join us who had an excellent athletic base and completed their fastest races ever with us.

Team Events

We began focused on the Pacific Crest Triathlon in Sunriver, Oregon, as our main annual event, but now Team Endure has branched out to continue training together year-round, participating in additional events like century bike rides, other triathlons, and half marathons.

We train together

While the events are really individual events, we train as a team. Everyone supports each other, no matter what level they are at or what distance they are training for. It is truly a supportive team culture, and is very welcoming to new members. We all have things in common - we are raising money for an important local cause, we are all pushing ourselves to do better, and we all enjoy the camaraderie.

Ready to do something?

If you're interested in joining Team Endure or making a donation, please email info@TeamEndure.org